To understand the benefits of Massage therapy we have to first understand what percussion massage therapy is.

Exactly like a normal massage the Massage Gun reduces inflammation by flushing the venous blood (blood where oxygen has been used up) out of the muscle and back into the circulatory system. This action improves blood flow, relaxes tightened muscles and reduces muscle soreness and tension.

Anyone can use a Massage Gun irrelevant of age or physical fitness, the key factor is to use it so it assists you without causing any additional issues. 
Some Key Benefits include:

1 - Increasing sports performance by increasing the blood flow to muscles and helping to flush out the used blood and toxins out of the muscle

2 - Relieving tension by increasing the blood flow to muscles and also the Massage Gun, which helps to shorten your recovery time between work outs.

3 - Breaking up scar tissue by improving the elasticity of damaged muscle fibers thereby alleviating pain and increasing movement within the muscle

4 - Release Lactic Acid by using the Pulse Stamina's Massage Gun. During intense exercise the body forms lactic acid which is used for energy when your oxygen levels are low. Our Pulse Stamina's Massage Gun can help release this lactic acid quickly into the surrounding areas allowing your body to resupply oxygen to your muscle quicker. This will prevent soreness in muscles after prolonged exercising.

5 - Become more flexible by using the Pulse Stamina's Massage Gun.  Massage guns work on muscles, joints, ligaments and connective tissues which all work together in your body to help with mobility.  By consistently using the Pulse Stamina's Massage Gun you will keep these different parts of your body become more flexible and enhance your athletic ability.

Save money and time by using a Massage Gun instead of having traditional massages. Traditional massages can become quite expensive to have done on a regular basis. With the Pulse Stamina percussive massage gun you can do the treatments yourself. The unique design of the Massage Gun means you can do 95% of the body yourself, so after two or three uses your massage gun is already paid for.

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Are you a health freak? Someone who hits the gym even on days when you feel down? Well, working out is surely a great activity but before you jump straight into picking up some dumbbells, it is important to stretch out the muscles first.

But of course, skipping ropes or doing jumping jacks can be pretty boring for some! If you’re looking for a fun way to pump up your muscles, we’d suggest you get your hands on the Pulse Stamina's Massage Gun.

The Pulse Stamina's Massage Gun has been rated as one of the greatest massaging equipment that not only helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness but gets them in shape for a rigorous workout session later too.

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